Group Photos 

In the MS facility

Elyse, Adyn and Daisy working in the MS facility.

Jancey Garden on campus

Top (left to right): Daisy, Anne-Lena, Martin and Jason
Bottom (left to right): Amelia, Adyn, Alice and Natalie

The group poses on a cold winter day in December 2019.

The UWO campus is so picturesque!

In the office

ChB 052 is the hub of all activity.

This is where we have discussions, create magic and celebrate.

Our plant friends and super computers reside in this office  and many memorabilia can be found on the walls.

If we aren't in the lab, this is where you will find us! (Look for Harambe and Queen Elizabeth on the door.)

Inorganic Discussion Weekend

We travel often to discuss bioinorganic chemistry and enjoy many banquets.

The beginnings of ChB 052

The group in our newly renovated office back in 2013.


Our group participates in the CanBIC conference (of which Martin is the chair) that occurs every two years. 

This tradition brings together scientists all over the world researching the vitally important biological chemistry of metals.  Participants enjoy a Plenary Lecture, classical music recitals, a Welcome Reception, banquet, boat cruise,  poster presentations, oral symposiums and invited talks!

What better way to celebrate bioinorganic chem than in the rugged beauty of Georgian Bay?

Grad Club

A popular hangout spot for graduate students and profs (of course, our undergrads tag along).

The Grad Club is a place where we socialize and grab a beer while enjoying food, music and a bit of procrastination.

Work hard, play hard!

A long time ago

Our group a long time ago.

Although we are all off to our own paths after school, we keep in touch and continue to support each other in achieving great things - check out our Past Members page to see what everyone is up to!