News - What's happening in our lab?


June Wrap-Up

As the summer heat hits, the group gathers in Martin's garden for a barbecue dinner. The coffee fiends test out the Nespresso machine to jumpstart the night.

Throughout the month, we make excellent progress with our papers. The papers on work with Prof. Zhifeng Ding and Angel Zhang are close to being accepted, and Adyn's work on the French copper peptide has just been submitted.

Summer research is off to a strong start and we are ready to keep the momentum going!

In the photo: Martin, Daisy, Amelia, Adyn, Elyse, Natalie


June 2020

Our labs have re-opened and summer research is back in full swing!

It is the boss' birthday and the team came together to organize a little surprise. It is great to be in each other's company again and this will be the first of many overdue celebrations.

We continue to work hard on our COVID-19 research and operate with safety measures in place.


May 2020

Great news! We were awarded the Western Research Catalyst Grant to help fund our COVID-19 work (click here to read more about our accomplishment - it was truly a team effort)!

We begin our new research with health precautions and physical distancing measures in place to ensure the safety of our people and the community. Our essential research focuses on whether Zinc crosslinking in ACE2 controls SARS-CoV-2 spike binding.

Photo on left shows how Zn crosslinks two helices (H1 and H2) in the human ACE2 receptor that binds the spike protein of corona virus.


Other great news! We are delighted to welcome Adyn Melenbacher and Amelia Yuan to our group for graduate studies starting on May 1st! Adyn and Amelia have actually been working with us for over 2 years, first starting as 2nd year undergraduates! Those long summers and term time experiments have been rewarded with wonderful results recently published. Visit our Publications page (under Other Pages tab) as well as their individual profiles (under People tab) to find out more!

Last but not least, we also welcome Elyse Hudson as our 2020 USRA summer research student. She will be working on Bi3+ chemistry, following up Anne-Lena Ostertag's work.

In the photo is Elyse, Adyn and Daisy.


April 2020

Our lab has been shut down in response to physical isolation. (However, we are still hard at work! We stay connected through Zoom meetings and chat through WhatsApp.)


Fall/Winter Term 2019-2020

Anne-Lena Ostertag (completes her MSc work in January and returned to Germany.

During the last year, we enjoyed the research of four 4th year students: Adyn on copper MT, Amelia (moonlighting from the Physiology and Pharmacology programme!) on our first forays into MT3 metallation properties, Alice Jin on design of super dyes for solar cells (continuing Angel's work) and finally Jason Zhang who was following up Anne-Lena Ostertag's Bi3+ work.

Daisy and Natalie have also been busy. Natalie has developed work initially carried out by Kelly Rigby (now Kelly Duncan) for her PhD. Natalie's recent stopped flow kinetics studies have opened up new research areas that ask questions about metal-induced folding and the form of the apo-MT that binds the metals.

Adyn Melenbacher, Amelia Yuan and Natalie Korkola have all been awarded NSERC graduate scholarships. That's 3 for 3! They join Dr. Daisy Wong, Ms. Elyse Hudson and Alice Jin for our summer research.

In the photo (left to right): Anne-Lena, Natalie, Martin, Adyn


May 2019

Daisy Wong was awarded her PhD in May 2019, just before CanBIC-7! We were delighted that the CanBIC-7 Plenary Lecturer, Professor Angela Casini, also kindly performed the duties of External Examiner. CanBIC-7 was a great success! Without exception, we were persuaded to run CanBIC-8 with the team of Zhifeng Ding, John Dawson and Nagao Kobayashi. Very luckily, it is scheduled for May 2021.