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About SBG

Our research is in the area of bioinorganic chemistry.

Keywords that describe work currently underway include: metal binding studies of metallothioneins, spectroscopic studies of heme proteins, and theoretical+spectroscopic studies of porphyrinoids (porphyrins and phthalocyanines). Detailed information regarding these topics is available through our published articles.


Metals are key components of over 30% of known proteins and enzymes, essential in photosynthesis, are central elements in bones, and control both nerve and muscle action. Yet inorganic chemistry of biological processes is in its infancy.

Interactions between metals and proteins manifest in the metal-dependent structure of the biological molecule, in its electronic structure and subsequent properties, and in the overall functions which are tuned by the presence of the metal(s).

The intricate flow of metals through the human physiological system is largely unknown; particularly, the roles of metals in neurological chemistry. In vital processes of the body, metals are chaperoned as they pass through membranes, aggregate in cells and establish a delicate metabolic balance that exhibits illness or good health.

For a complete description of how biological processes work, the study of biological metals is necessary. The devastating effects of toxic metals often found in the environment (in the past - lead and cadmium, and today - mercury and arsenic, the latter affecting over 40 million people) shows how all metals play a role in the health of the world. It is clear that metal-based pharmaceuticals will play an ever more important role in the future and we are keen to take part in finding out the full story.

Our Instruments and Facilities



UV-Vis (Cary 50, 60, 100, 500)
Jasco J-810 CD (5.5T, 1.4T magnets)
Tunable dye N2-based laser
Bruker micrOTOF II ESI-MS


The Lab Facilities

Recombinant protein production
Low-temperature measurement
Electrochemistry facilities
Photochemistry facilities



Gaussian 16
Scigress Modelling Software
18-core desktop processors
Windows, LINUX operating systems
IT and Electronics Shop support